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Elgin tips to hire a good locksmith

Here in Elgin, IL we have a vast selection of locksmith shops and technicians to choose from; after all, we are part of the Greater Chicago metro area along with its millions of local residents and visitors. Why is choosing the right locksmith important? A lock technician is not just any vendor. A landscaper or handyman might do an important job for you but they usually don’t have access to your actual locks or keys! Your locksmith of choice needs to be honest and ethical as you’ll be dealing with him or her on a very personal basis.

Should your locksmith be licensed? Some say it doesn’t matter but here at Ames Locksmith Service we disagree. A good licensed, bonded and insured professional can be just as affordable as a local handyman that has no credentials whatsoever. Your locks protect your valuables as well as your loved ones so why take a chance by getting anything less than the best?

Your locksmith should offer 24-hour availability. This is vital. Security problems like lost keys, break-ins and lockout situations don’t keep bankers hours and neither should your locksmith. Nights, weekends and holidays should be included in your locksmith’s service schedule. If not, find another locksmith!


Being proactive is smart. Whether you want some routine service work done like rekeys or lock upgrades, or are caught in an unexpected emergency situation, it never hurts to have a fully certified mobile locksmith ready to come to your aid. If you need a locksmith now and haven’t already done this, read the rest of this post and take action based on what you’ve learned. If you don’t need a locksmith just yet, lay your groundwork now by following our recommendations.

When you find one or more smart choices be sure that you have ready access to them by adding the shop telephone numbers to your smart phones and other mobile devices. Bookmark websites and save flyers, business cards and rip out yellow page listings if you still use those books. The point is to have fast access to your 24-hour locksmith by not having to waste valuable time and effort trying to remember who you previously vetted or by trying to start from scratch and find a decent locksmith in the first place.


Have you noticed that most shopping online shows reviews of some kind? That’s because people want to know what others think of a product or a service. You can do something similar by asking around to your friends, family members and co-workers. Do they have any recommendations for a good, honest and affordable locksmith in Elgin, IL? Maybe they’ve had a bad experience and will warn you away from a certain shop or technician. Be sure to follow through and research the names given to you to see what others online have to say. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints against the shop in question. Don’t put too much credence on whether a locksmith shop is an actual member or not. The BBB is not a government agency and paid membership is somewhat prestigious and gets you a newsletter but has nothing whatsoever to do with whether the company is legitimate or not.


Always choose a locksmith shop that is insured and bonded. Insist on proper licensing too. If they don’t care enough to be completely legitimate do you really want to trust them with your home, auto or business locks and keys? If the company is bonded and insured, ask for how much? You’ll want to make sure that the amount is enough to cover any losses you might incur from property damage or shoddy workmanship. If they won’t tell you, take it as a sign and hang up. Ask how long the locksmith has been in business. If he/they have been around for several years chances are they are reputable. Be sure to ask if they operate under any other names. They might not tell you but if they seem uncomfortable with the question or hesitant to answer it might be that they recently changed company names because of bad publicity or due to a poor reputation.


This doesn’t mean go with the most expensive locksmith; not at all! Shop around and ask for free, no obligation price quotes. Put technicians on the spot and ask them if they do price hikes all of a sudden once they get to your location. If you are quoted a price, write it down. Just be sure that you give an accurate description of what you need and don’t leave anything out of your request for rates. See if free consultations are given and if so, take them up on one. Try and use a local locksmith vs a regional one. Many shops charge extra for travel time and expense and you don’t want any cost surprises later on.


How does the company answer their telephone? Do the use the name of the business or just say “locksmith” when they answer? Are they evasive when you ask questions or are they upfront and open about giving you rates, schedule times and other facts? Feel free to ask for identification from your locksmith; after all, they just might ask for yours! Many reputable lock professionals will want to be sure that you are who you say you are and not some crook trying to gain access to a car or home. Feel free to ask the same of them!

A solid, reputable locksmith should also be able to handle ANY locksmith request or emergency situation. This includes everything from routine key cutting to commercial locksmith security upgrades. Be sure to ask about their expertise and it needs to include automotive, residential, commercial and emergency services and hardware. Ames Locksmith Service is pleased to provide all of the above plus more, so be sure to call with any questions or requests for service that you many need!