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The Importance of Panic Bars

Elgin importance of panic bars in commercial property

According to Ames Locksmith Service, commercial property security is an important aspect of any business operation that must be paid attention to. There are places all over the world in which people don’t feel the need to even lock their front doors at night. But there are also places where people wouldn’t be able to sleep if they didn’t have an alarm system turned on, deadbolt secured and all points of entry locked. No matter what kind of place you work in, you should have commercial security features that you trust will work. You should consider the installation of a panic bar if you do not have one, and here, we will discuss why. Ames Locksmith Service offers advice to customers in Elgin, Illinois, but the information is actually applicable to people who work all over the country.

Let’s say you own a retail store in Elgin, IL, for instance. You get a good amount of business, and you are quite happy about it. You genuinely trust the customers who come into your store, and try to provide the best possible customer service not only because you want to provide a great experience, but because you want customers to know, as a measure of security, that you are paying attention to them. You already seem to have loss prevention techniques down, but what do you do if someone comes into your store with a weapon? What are your employees supposed to do? What about your customers? In a situation such as this, you would regret not having a panic bar installed.

So, what exactly is a panic bar?

A panic bar is sometimes known as a crash bar or even a push bar. This is a device that is utilized to unlock a door during an emergency. A metal bar is spring-loaded and situated on the interior part of a door that opens to the outside. It is important to note that they go on doors that open outward rather than inward. They give easy and quick access to those inside of a building to get out of said building. Think about this: if you own a retail shop and someone comes in with a weapon, as many people as possible will likely attempt to escape.

If they have to stop short and fumble with a lock to get out, or a door knob, they are going to halt all of the traffic that is attempting to get out through the door behind them. While this might not sound like a big deal in most situations, during an emergency, every second counts. With a panic bar, one can simply push down and get out fast. Because panic bars tend to come loaded with an alarm system, unauthorized evacuation can be detected. When they are put into place by an expert lock and security provider, one can trust that they will be effective.

Let’s say you own some sort of warehouse or any other commercial building. Now imagine that the building, unfortunately, catches on fire. You will have people who want to get out, and they will want to get out fast. Having a panic bar installed on the door will allow them to get out as quickly as they can, without having to turn a door knob that could potentially be scorching hot. Being able to just press the bar will let everyone behind the person who initially opens the door to get out faster as well, as the foot traffic will not be halted at all.

Other benefits of panic bar installation

Having panic bars installed at your commercial property might actually save money. They could be the cause of a cut in the insurance premium on the facility. This is certainly a benefit that is worth looking into for those who are looking for budget-friendly solutions.

If you have an emergency exit for your commercial property, which is very, very important, it should come with a panic bar. Have you considered the evacuation protocol of your property? Do you have an emergency exit and plan in mind? It’s always better to be prepared to try to lessen the amount of harm that can occur in an emergency. Panic bar installation for businesses is so incredibly important, and experts such as Ames Locksmith Service in Elgin, Illinois emphasize their importance to customers. As the supervisor or owner of a property, you have obligations to every single person who enters your building. There are certain steps you can take, even if they seem quite minor, that can prevent serious harm from occurring. Imagine just how beneficial, and even life-saving, a panic bar could be in the event of an emergency, like an armed robbery or a fire.

Call an expert!

If you happen to have questions about panic bars, it is a wise idea to get in touch with a local locksmith in your area. If you don’t have one installed at your commercial property, certainly consider contacting a lock and security professional to get a price quote on the job, and to find out any other information needed. Most locksmiths offer consultations for free, so you are able to ask any questions that might come up. As a building owner, security should be at the forefront of your mind. It isn’t something that you can afford to put on hold, especially if you have people who are in and out of your property on a day to day basis. Show concern for your customers, and for yourself. Consider the importance of panic bar installation.

If you happen to be in Elgin, Illinois, reach out to Ames Locksmith Service for more information. And if you are anywhere else in the country, do a quick Google search to find the best local locksmith in your area. It isn’t exactly enjoyable to think about emergency situations taking place, but it is best to be prepared. You can trust that you will never regret taking the time to find out more about security features.